Naythan Ramos


Naythan is a current graduate student pursuing his master's in Social Work at UMass Global in Boston, Massachusetts. He obtained his BA in Psychology with an emphasis in clinical care and Film/Digital Media with an emphasis in production at University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2020. 

Naythan has previously worked as a case manager in clinical care services, providing support, resources, transportation, and referrals to specialists for families and children of all ages and clinical backgrounds. Naythan is working now to become a licensed clinical social worker and LMFT and greatly enjoys meeting new folks while nurturing those he currently works with. 

He co-founded the NAACP UCSC Branch and worked with the NAACP for three years in order to raise cultural awareness and increase student/community activism and political engagement, especially surrounding issues impacting the historically marginalized, within and beyond the Santa Cruz community, and also created videos/digital media to circulate information and news regarding national and international events. 

Naythan is also bilingual in English and Spanish and is a musician (who loves the synths, guitar, and especially drums) and freelance photographer


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